Multiple Locations

Multiple Locations and Retail Chains

National Management Group is a division of Professional Cleaning People, Inc. We understand that retailers and multiple facility companies have very specific operating objectives that begin at store level. Time allocation, tighter budgets, and cleaning requirements become increasingly for store management teams.

National Management Group specializes in the design and implementation of store appearance programs for large and smaller scale retailers.

National Management Groupindustry-leading commitment to quality and innovation assures you of the best-managed retail stores cleaning service today. Our retail services are not only competitively priced, the company is committed to using the latest advances in cleaning technology to bring you the most efficient and thorough cleaning results available. Regardless of your requirements, NMG offers the commitment and capabilities to give you the very best in value and performance.

Our total quality management program is developed around a performance-based contract, in which we earn our customer’s trust, while our service meets or exceeds the detailed cleaning specifications. As a complete service management team, our mission is simply “to achieve outstanding results by providing the highest quality cleaning services at volume discount prices.” Program Design and Implementation

National Management Group takes great care in executing the following procedures in order to assure the design and implementation of an effective national maintenance program:

  • Identify our client’s goals and expectations at the corporate level
  • Contact lead personnel at each individual location to identify their specific needs and special considerations
  • Enter goals and specifications of individual locations into proprietary client database
  • Monitor all locations to assure objectives and special requests are fulfilled to expectations
  • At month’s end, submit summary invoicing to the appropriate corporate department (unless otherwise stated)